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Thanks for your interest in Austin High Girls Lacrosse! The program has enjoyed recent success and is only two years removed from an undefeated regular District Season, District Championship and qualifying for the State Tournament.  Last year, we made it to State Tournament play.  We are looking forward to another great 2023-2024 season ahead! 

We are also proud to announce we have our first Division I recruit for Women's Lacrosse in school history! Caye will be attending Central Michigan and we could not be prouder! 


You do not need experience to play! We encourage all girls who are looking for a home, to try girls lacrosse, the fastest growing sport in the nation. Our staff is dedicated to fostering the growth of the game.

There are two registration periods:

Fall Ball (August - November)  Fall ball begins September 12, 2023

Regular Season (January - May) 

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